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The University of Iowa Center for the Book is a unique program that conjoins training in the technique and artistry of bookmaking with research into the history and culture of books. The Center is staffed by artists, scholars, critics, and craftworkers, and is distinguished both by this range and by faculty members who combine two or more of these roles. We foster a remarkable dialogue between the book arts and book history. Studio-based experience brings new knowledge to research and criticism while the historical and cultural frameworks of book studies inform and inspire artistic expression. We maintain dedicated studios in letterpress printing, bookbinding, and papermaking. The Center allies with UI School of Art and Art History printmakers, graphic designers, photographers, painters, and sculptors, with UI Libraries conservators, with the Writers’ Workshop and the School of Library and Information Sciences, and with humanities departments (such as English, History, and Religious Studies) to consider and enact the creative power of word and image in the book format. These studios and alliances embody a larger ethic, one that makes all of our learning space—whether traditional classroom or independent study—a crucible of collaborative education and individual development. To read more about the UICB, go here.

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Symposium, October 2015

Scientific Books and Their Makers