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With a newly renovated classroom studio in North Hall, Papermaking has joined the other student facilities at the Center. The studio is outfitted with a Reina hydraulic press, washer-equipped 2 lb. beater, and a vacuum table. Additional equipment includes a Valley beater, standing screw press, stack dryer, loft drying racks, 5 vats, and an assortment of Western and Japanese-style moulds for making up to 3.5 by 7 foot sheets. Papermaking courses are held in 29 North Hall.

Professional paper production takes place on the Oakdale Campus.

Courses are taught by Tim Barrett. Check listings at ISIS for course availabilities and offerings; enter 108 in the "Department" field then click on "Search."


History and fundamental techniques of Western and eastern hand papermaking; projects in traditional sheet forming, basic paper chemistry, paper coloring. Offered fall semesters. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Papermaking History and Technique

Traditional Eastern and Western sheet forming techniques, history, aesthetics; emphasis on fiber selection and preparation. Offered spring semesters. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

Studies in Papermaking

Topics in the history and technique of papermaking.