With a newly renovated classroom studio in North Hall, Papermaking has joined the other student facilities at the Center. The studio is outfitted with a Reina hydraulic press, washer-equipped 2 lb. beater, and a vacuum table. Additional equipment includes a Valley beater, standing screw press, stack dryer, loft drying racks, 5 vats, and an assortment of Western and Japanese-style moulds for making up to 3.5 by 7 foot sheets. Papermaking courses are held in 29 North Hall.

Professional paper production takes place on the Oakdale Campus.

Courses are taught by Tim Barrett and visiting artists. Check listings at MYUI for course availabilities and offerings; enter "UICB"  in the course subject field, then click on "Search."

Western Papermaking History and Technique
History and technique of traditional European hand papermaking and related aesthetics; students gain confidence in pursuing independent production of handmade papers or undertaking related research in their own particular areas of interest; fiber preparation, sheet forming, and drying/finishing methods; concurrent readings and discussions of related history and aesthetics; special projects selected by student with instructor approval.

Studies in Papermaking
Topics in the history and technique of papermaking.

Conceptual and methodological approaches to 2-D and 3-D paper works; students create a body of works that couple the unique properties of paper-pulp medium with personal visual ideas and clarity of intent; contemporary issues in paper pulp and the medium's relationship to larger art and craft contexts.

Islamic and Asian Papermaking History and Technique
History, technique, and aesthetics of traditional Islamic and Asian hand papermaking.

Advanced Projects in Paper
Advanced independent projects undertaken in a classroom setting; collaborative group discussions to plan, implement, troubleshoot, and evaluate student projects.

Advanced Papermaking Production
Independent Western or Japanese style projects undertaken at UICB Research and Production Paper Facility at Oakdale Campus under faculty guidance; plan, implement, and evaluate professional scale production runs using full scale equipment