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Jan 2019

Congratulations to MFA candidates Shoko Nakamura and Krista Narcisso! They were awarded Caxton Club Grants for the 2018-2019 application cycle. 

Shoko Nakamura uses everyday things, such as doughnuts, tulips, sandwiches, and cats as subjects for her artist's books. For her thesis project,...

Oct 2018
UICB students Suzanne Glémot and Zoë Webb were awarded the 2018 Academic Enrichment Award for Graduate Students by University of Iowa Libraries. Applications for this award are open to the libraries' student employees. 
Suzanne worked last year in the Conservation Lab....
Sep 2018
Elizabeth Yale’s 2015 article “The History of the Archives: The State of the Discipline” topped the list in a recent report on download rates of articles in Book History, an annual scholarly journal by The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing (SHARP). Jonathan...
Sep 2018

A collaboration between UICB calligraphy instructor Cheryl Jacobsen and John Downey of Legacy BinderyThe Gospel of Jesus was recently completed. The book was illustrated and calligraphed on vellum and it was bound in a...

Jun 2018

Lisa Miles, UICB MFA 2017, was awarded the 2018 Holle Award for Excellence in Book Arts for her book Codex Chup Cabal. Miles’ book was completed at the UI Center for the Book as part of her MFA thesis. The Holle Award for Excellence in Book Arts is a nationally juried award given by The...



UICB Open House

December 7, 2018

Exhibits from UICB studio classes in lettering arts, papermaking, bookbinding, artist books, and letterpress printing will be on display. Work from UICB Faculty will be on display in the K.K. Merker Gallery. Ladies Typographic Union 2018 calendars will be available for purchase. $25 gets you a...


Printing the Renaissance Pop-up Book

October 27, 2018

Books and single-sheet prints with moving parts date from the beginning of printmaking practice. Drawing on the holdings of the Newberry Library, and collections worldwide, this talk will discuss the ways early modern printers and designers laid out, printed, and assembled these flaps, dials,...


Papermaking and Printmaking Collaborations

October 26, 2018

The combination of papermaking and printmaking processes can produce beautiful, unusual results. We will look at some memorable editions and unique works made at the Pace Paper workshop in Brooklyn, New York, including works by contemporary artists Donald Baechler, Will Cotton, Leonardo Drew,...


Matrices Conference Vendor Fair

October 25, 2018

Vendors include:

  • Hand Papermaking
  • Cathleen A. Baker
  • Thomas Bannister
  • Jim Croft
  • Cave Paper
  • Sherwin Beach Press
  • Vintage Paper Company
  • Hook Pottery Paper
  • Steph Rue
  • Peter Thomas
  • Caxton Club
  • Carriage...

Artist Talk by Katie Baldwin

September 28, 2018

Katie Baldwin is a printmaker and book artist living in Huntsville, AL. Under Queen Anne’s Revenge Press, Baldwin produces artist’s books and woodblock prints. She has exhibited extensively and her work can be found in collections including the Library of Congress in Washington DC. She has ...