Julie Cobb Smith

Adjunct Instructor, Bookbinding

I received my Masters degree from the University of Chicago in 1997 and then took a long road trip to see what I could see. Six months later I found myself back in Chicago, landing a job working in Special Collections at the Newberry Library as their Modern Manuscript Reference Assistant. Here I had access to their incredible collections and vault filled with treasures ranging from medieval manuscripts to modern artists books. This opportunity engendered in me a new devotion to books and book stewardship. I enrolled in a community bookbinding class offered through Columbia College and started working in the Newberry’s conservation lab.

I moved to Iowa in 2000 to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Book Arts and Technologies at the Center for the Book, and I continued to learn about collection care and maintenance working at the University of Iowa Conservation Lab under the direction of Gary Frost. My husband and I started Sungrazer Press and Bindery in 2005. My current work is primarily edition binding and private commissions.

I teach Bookbinding I, Bookbinding II, and Boxes and Enclosures.