Rachel Schend

Revealing Bodies

This show presents the work in progress I have made towards my final thesis project, titled Revealing Bodies, which will be held in the K.K. Merker Gallery from July 11th to the 17th.   

Revealing Bodies is a limited edition of artist books containing the personal stories of women regarding their health history. The text will be accompanied by flap images, inspired by early anatomical books, to illustrate their personal experiences.  

I have included a number of different tools that I have made in the last few months that I will use to assemble and decorate the artist books including bamboo hera, delrin folders, and brass finishing tools that I designed with abstracted anatomical parts that will be used to decorate the cover of the books. 

My interest in katazome, the Japanese technique of resist dying using hand cut stencils, will also play a part in my thesis project. Not only will I use dyed papers made from these stencils in the books, but I will also be hand cutting the flaps for the illustrations.